Visit the Planetarium Today

Located on the second floor of the Museum, our all-digital planetarium presents live and playback programs designed both in-house and by other production companies. From learning about the night’s constellations to experiencing the wonders of space flight, your exploration of the universe begins here!

Featuring Shows for Everyone

Join us for a captivating journey through the cosmos at our cutting-edge all-digital planetarium. From thrilling adventures through the solar system to mesmerizing presentations on the wonders of the night sky, our programs offer an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Check out our upcoming schedule and plan your cosmic adventure.

Don’t Miss Our Planetarium Shows

Access our virtual planetarium program “Acadiana Skies,” an exploration of evening constellations, bright stars and planets that are visible in the night sky over Acadiana. We’ll be releasing these broadcasts on Lafayette Science Museum’s YouTube channel during the museum’s closure. Tune in!

Preserving the Legacy of Acadiana’s Major Meteor

Discover the mystery of the mesmerizing fireball meteor that struck Acadiana in 1957. Share your firsthand account and help us preserve this captivating piece of history!

Embrace Your Inner Astronomer

We encourage you to be an astronomer, starting right from your backyard. Find information to aid you in further exploring our universe.

Find useful links and resources that will help you grow your knowledge of the stars, sky, and the scientific community around you. Start discovering the universe beyond the museum!