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Encompassing a multitude of exhibits and a cutting-edge planetarium, visitors of every age are invited to embark on a thrilling exploration, diving deep into the infinite mysteries of Earth, sea, and space. Unleash your curiosity as you explore the wonders that await you at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Science Museum. Join us and be inspired by the incredible world of science!

In 1969, the Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium began as a community project designed to provide science enrichment to area schools. Today the museum’s staff has been hard at work researching, developing, and partnering with organizations around the world to keep fascinating exhibits and pieces.

Peel back the layers of discovery at the UL Lafayette Science Museum and venture into our hidden treasures residing beyond the exhibits. With an extraordinary collection of fossils, artifacts from space, and meticulously preserved specimens, our vast collection encompasses artifacts from diverse scientific expeditions, meticulously cataloged and stored for present and future exhibits, as well as for faculty and student research.

Read the latest news and updates straight to your fingertips. Here, we strive to keep you informed about the most relevant happenings, exhibits, and developments from around the Museum. Explore, engage, and be inspired.

Hello teachers! We are so glad you are here. The UL Lafayette Science Museum has a number of opportunities for you and your students. Explore what the museum has to offer you to support your teaching needs!

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s scientific landscape, where your support isn’t just a contribution—it’s the force that powers innovation and fuels the future of science.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Lafayette, our immersive exhibits and hands-on installations cater to inquisitive minds of all ages. Join us for an adventure in discovery, where learning intertwines seamlessly with fun, offering an enriching experience that inspires and educates. Come, explore, and fuel your curiosity!