Lafayette Science Museum announces its latest exhibit: Energy Unearthed: The Science of Petroleum Exploration Opens Saturday, October 21, 2017 | Lafayette Science Museum | 433 Jefferson St. | Downtown Lafayette Sponsored by LAGCOE and University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s School of Geosciences, this new exhibit showcases the science of oil exploration and production. Energy Unearthed is designed to show visitors how oil is formed and found, explored and extracted, and how petroleum products are created and consumed. “Because oil and gas are such a vital part of our economy, this exhibit gives us an chance to show the science behind that industry,” said Kevin Krantz, Lafayette Science Museum’s Executive Director. “And presenting it along with LAGCOE and UL Lafayette was something we knew we couldn’t pass up.” Throughout the exhibit, geologic samples, digital interactives, equipment, and scale models tell the story of the oil industry and its vital role in Louisiana’s economy and around the globe.