Journey Through Discovery

Step into the vibrant world of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Science Museum, where curiosity knows no bounds!

Unveil the Mysteries: Explore Our Exhibits

From the boundless expanse of space to the intricate web of life itself, our museum showcases multiple captivating exhibits. With each exhibit offering a unique journey, visitors embark on an exploration that spans the depths of science, from microscopic realms to the far reaches of the universe.

Unleash your curiosity and embark on an extraordinary journey through the marvels of science. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself as the mysteries of the cosmos unfold before your eyes and scientific wonders await your exploration.

Our array of programming offers celestial journeys that inspire, educate, tell stories beyond imagination. Join us for captivating shows and exhibits that delve into the mysteries of the night sky and the thrill of space exploration.

Offering a rich array of exhibits and a cutting-edge planetarium, visitors are invited to delve into the boundless secrets of Earth, sea, and space!

With extensive archives, research materials, and a specialized scientific library, dive deeper into our vast collection that spans centuries of scientific wonders and cultural heritage.

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s scientific landscape, where your support isn’t just a contribution—it’s the force that powers innovation and fuels the future of science.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Lafayette, our immersive exhibits and hands-on installations cater to inquisitive minds of all ages. Join us for an adventure in discovery, where learning intertwines seamlessly with fun, offering an enriching experience that inspires and educates. Come, explore, and fuel your curiosity!

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I absolutely loved my experience at the science museum! The exhibits are extremely interesting and my tour guide was very knowledgeable. I definitely plan on coming back:)
Zoe B.
We have so much fun every time we go! I would highly recommend Lafayette Science Museum.
Nikki L.
Everyone should make a stop here! An amazing museum for all ages! Hands on exhibits are excellent! Virtual exhibit takes your breath away! Staff very helpful and friendly!
Lori J.C.

Great place to bring your kids and grandkids, they can learn, enjoy and have a good time

Edna B.
What a wonderful gem of a museum/planetarium. Amazing exhibits, well cared for, very nice staff, and not too crowded. I can’t believe how cheap it was. For parking and tickets to the museum and planetarium for both of us was less than $10. I just wish they had a gift shop or something, I’d like to find out about donating because it was worth well more than what we paid.
Carrie P.
It was awesome I will be going back!!!!
Nathaniel T.
Glad to see the Lafayette Science Museum open. The exhibits are interesting and fun to learn from
David C.
Pretty nice museum for only $5! I especially enjoyed the planetarium show
Maija M.

Discover, Learn, and Explore with Us!

As you plan your visit, embark into the wonders of the cosmos and the mysteries awaiting exploration. Ignite your sense of wonder and set off on an incredible voyage through the wonders of science. Whether it’s specialized shows and exhibitions, educational field trips, or the exploration of diverse exhibits, each experience promises an exploration that transcends boundaries, offering insights from microscopic realms to the far reaches of the universe.