Project Front Yard

Project Front Yard is a hands-on community effort to create more appealing outdoor spaces. The project aims to build awareness and improve the community through revitalizing our cities gateways, improving streetscapes, litter clean- up and prevention, public art, river clean-up, and education. Our exhibit focuses specifically on waterways and civic and environmental responsibility.

Amelie’s River Report

Amelie, a civic-minded student, set out to learn more about the litter she saw on her way to school. She wrote a letter to the Mayor asking how she could help solve the problem. As a result, she was able to tour Bayou Vermilion and interview its caretakers to learn what it takes to keep our river clean.

Storm Drain Model

Meet Yardley the Gnome, Project Front Yard’s mascot, and learn about storm drains, their function as part of our watershed, and how to keep trash and pollution out of the storm drains to protect our community’s water resources.

The Litter Quitter Pledge

“I will demonstrate pride in my community by picking up the litter around me ... to create a clean room, a clean home, a clean front yard, a clean neighborhood, a clean city, a clean state, a clean country, and a clean world.”

Litter Lifespan Quiz

Guess how long it takes common litter items like newspapers, plastic bottles and styrofoam cups, to biodegrade – or break down into natural components. Lift the flaps to And answers that may surprise you.