Archives are what set a museum apart from a science center. Located inside of the museum, this large collection of scientific discoveries are additions to the museum’s current and future exhibits. They are there to be catalogued and, more importantly, preserved for future generations.


Our collection contains artifacts and items from various scientific explorations that are catalogued and stored for use in current and future exhibits. A new partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Conservancy is where we preserve many of the items that make up our collection and our archives. They are documented and kept safely and securely to become a part of our exhibits or exhibits in other partnered museums. From fossils and skeletal remains that have been cleaned and preserved here to artifacts from space, our conservancy holds a treasure trove of interesting items that can tickle the mind of anyone interested in science!

Not your typical place to check out a copy of A Tale of Two Cities, the Lafayette Science Museum library houses all of our documentation, certificates, and research that make up the museum and its exhibits. With our newest partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, our library is growing into an incredible collection of research material that comes from right here in the city and from a wide variety of scientific disciplines.