If making video games for your job sounds like fun to you, then be sure to explore the museum’s interactive gaming stations on the first and second floors. Developed in partnership with Lafayette’s own Academy of Interactive Entertainment, a school for video game development, 3D animation and visual effects, the exhibit is designed to encourage students to consider the skills needed for a career in video game design and development.

Ask students to think about all the parts that go into a video game – the background story for the game and characters, the artwork that results in the images we see on the screen, the computer programming that allows the player to interact with the game and computer hardware that you hold in your hand. Every part of playing a game – controllers, monitors, exciting sounds, triggers, buttons, and of course, the inner workings of the computer itself, require skills in STEM elds – science, engineering, technology, and math.

Ask students to consider the role of art and storywriting in some of their favorite video games.